Today we are going to review the Fajas Salome 0216 shapewear in short style butt lifter. This faja is suggested for post-partum and post-operative stages offering tummy control and butt lifting effect.

Fajas Salome
Model 0216

Shapewear Sense's Quick Overview
Model 0216
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Outer Fabric Powernet Shapewear Powernet
Inner Fabric Cotton Shapewear Cotton
Compression Factor 2/3
Style Short Style Shapewear Open Bust Style Shapewear
Crotch Open Crotch shapewear Open
Control Areas
  • Full Abs
  • Lower Abs
  • Waist
  • Lateral Wings
  • Mid Tight
  • Daily Use
Colors Beige Shapewear Beige Shapewear Black, Beige
Sizing XS to 3X
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We are focusing in 3 fundamental aspects for all our reviews of high compression garments.

In reality these aspects are so interdependent that the rating system allows to achieve an average that really represents the total value of a garment. Remember that value is different to cost.


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What we review about shapewear

Firstly, is the quality, with this we want to describe the overall build quality and finishing. Also how we expect the garment to age.

Have in mind that, despite the weight and measurements, we all have different proportions between those numbers.
Two friends can share exactly the same weight, but their shapes will be different. The same shapewear size should work fine for both, but this is not always the case depending on manufacturer.

Secondly we the comfort and here the most important thing is how that quality and finishes translate into convenience. While they accomplish the work of doing pressure and shaping your figure.

All the aspects are important to create a balanced product. But the comfort is what separates shapewear from any simple elastic band that you could use to “compress” your figure.

It is not really an accomplishment getting the shape you’ve always wanted if you can’t breathe or move how you would normally.

Lastly we have the shaping effect. How we were saying above, it is not just about to squeeze. It is more about a garment that can apply the best compression to the parts that needs it the most or those what the shapewear offers to work on. This without being unbalanced or affecting the comfort.


Review of Fajas Salome 0216

Being a post-operative and post-partum faja we look forward for the comfort to be a priority and the shaping effect something balanced as to not produce unwanted results.


The build quality of Fajas Salome 0216 is really good. We don’t notice any particular areas where the design or seams might become fragile. It feels a robust garment, as if it was all done on a single piece.

About the impression caused by the Powernet fabric. Is very good and probably what adds more to the overall quality feel.

Very well done seams that are invisible for the most part. The garment does not include rods helping the invisible effect and comfort as we’ll see next.

The zipper also manages to be somewhat invisible what is very welcomed. Initially and because of its location we were afraid to be very noticeable. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about.


The build and finish quality of Fajas Salome 0216 makes it a comfy faja in general. The absence of rods makes us forget about that random part of the faja that always gets unbearable. Equally, the body movement is not restricted as much as you could expect from a full body or bodysuit type of shapewear.

The quality of the fabric used helps with its internal cotton layers being very gentle with the skin. We imagine that in high temperatures the faja could get us tired easily.

Being said that we did not noticed any kind of excess heat using the garment in common situations and weather. At least not more that the baseline that is using a full body faja.

The design makes it difficult to put on or uncomfortable if you have wide hips. We’ll see this next.

Lastly, we appreciate the crotch design when you need to go to the bathroom. Thought being an obligatory part of the design, we would have wanted the aperture to be bigger as other fajas.


The compression quality is good and balanced in the Faja Salome 0216 with an accent in the butt zone. This faja is specified as “High Compression” and it delivers in that regard, the force is noticeable. This necessarily makes the size picking complicated.

The impression the garment gives is that, for someone with a very big bottom, say, bigger in relation to the other parts of the body, the faja might result uncomfortable or not being able to fit completely.

We believe this is due to the butt lifting effect. Compared to the rest of the garment the pressure and design of this part feels different. If your butt is too big then this could cause an unbalance in the compression and result in a flattened butt.

We recommend some research at the time of picking a size. Ask someone to help you take the correct measurements and don’t be shy to ask for a size change if the faja does not fit you perfectly.

If you feel the faja to be a bit too big or a bit too small homogeneously, then you just need to ask for the correct size.

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