We have created this simple application to help you get started on the process of selecting your compression garments.

There’s a lot of shapewear styles and sometimes the benefits and drawbacks of each style are not totally obvious. That’s why it is good to start focusing on one style and explore its more popular models.

How does it work?

In the first screen you can select the styles and uses you like or need for your compression garments. You can select multiple styles.

Next, you can click on Next and the app will show you all the references available according to your selection. Selecting multiple styles will show all recommended models for each particular style.

When you click on each image it will take you to Amazon’s selection for the specific model so you learn more.

If the product has one of our in deep reviews or overviews, then you’ll find the link.

In the last step you have the option to quickly share with us your preferences and subscribe to our newsletter to know about our reviews and contests as soon as they go live.

You will always find the shapewear selection tool in our homepage or you can launch it right now from this button:

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You can select multiple styles.




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Men's Shapewear

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Post Surgery

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Our Picks

These are some recommended garments according to your preferences.

Fajas Salome 0216

Review Available

Fajas Salome 0313

Fajas Salome 0419

Fajas Salome 0215

Fajas Salome 0413

Fajas Salome 0417

Fajas Salome 0217

Fajas Salome 0218

Fajas Salome 0520

Fajas Salome 315-1

Fajas Salome 0418

Fajas Salome 0420

Fajas Salome 0525

Fajas Salome 0321

Fajas Salome 0214

Fajas Salome 2507

Fajas MyD 0104

Fajas MyD Lumbar Molder BBL

Fajas Diane & Geordi 2396

Fajas DPrada 11052

Fajas Diane & Geordi 2397

Fajas DPrada Post-Op Bra

Fajas DPrada 11086

Fajas DPrada 11010

Fajas DPrada 11103

Fajas Lady Slim Waist trainer

Fajate VSens Girdle

Fajitex Lipo Board

Leonisa Posture Correction Bra

Leonisa Bodysuit Rear Lifting

Leonisa Men Abs Shaper Boxer

Leonisa Control Panti

Leonisa High Waist Butt Lifter

Leonisa Upper Arms Shaper PC

Leonisa Men Abs Vest

Leonisa Body Panty Style

Selecting a product will take you to Amazon's selection for the specific model.

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We hope this tool helps you find the style of compression garments ideal for you.

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