Hello Girls! Today we will talk about the 5 best Fajas Salome Colombianas where you will find Postpartum Shapewear, Post surgery, Tummy Control, Butt Lift BBL, Waist Cincher, different benefits of these Bodyshapers that will help you choose the most appropriate according to your needs or requirements.



  1. Fajas Salome 0216 Women’s Body Shaper Short Style With Tummy Control

Fajas Salome Bodyshaper Short Style with lace

Fajas Salome 0216 Ideal for Daily Use


This amazing booty shorts body shaper 0216 is recommended to recover your figure after giving birth to your baby, compressing the torso, waist, and abdomen as well as helping lift your buttocks in a natural way which makes it special if you want a great body! When it comes to attending an event and show your curves.

Remember to use any type of girdle in short periods at the beginning and then go lengthening until you reach a limit of 10 hours a day to get used to.

Going into detail of this garment shaper for daily use has thin adjustable straps to adapt to any body type, this makes it very versatile at the time of use as it does not roll. Able to keep under control for hours thanks to its firmness and is designed with free bust so you can use any bra without damaging the shape of your boobs which is very favorable to show off the figure you want.

If you are looking for a medium compression garment that helps shape your abdomen and buttocks and is elastic for your total comfort this would be a very good purchase option.


  1. Fajas Salome 0413 Hip Hugger Body Shaper Panty Style

Faja Salome Bodyshaper Panty Style with lace

Fajas Salome 0413 Compression & Comfort


Now we go to a Bodyshaper of Fajas Salome that you can use every day and I do not say that the previous one is not but this is the ideal because it has a panty style which makes it more versatile when wearing a dress or shorts and has a very good compression in the abdominal area fully recommended for a night out thanks to its comfortable fabric.

This is one of the best options if you need a good compression and great comfort to perform any activity, on the other hand, has a lower brooch for practical use of remove and put this really makes it an excellent shaper for your comfort at the time to use the bathroom.

You will also find in its design an ultra flat frontal closure so that it does not show under your clothes, looking sexy and casual all day since it is important that your body looks with good curves but that the girdle does not go unnoticed.


  1. Fajas Salome 0218 High Waist Slip Short Style Garment

Fajas Salome Bodyshaper butt lifter & strapless

Fajas Salome 0218 Butt Lifter


Materials of the highest quality such as the Powernet, an inner cover of hypoallergenic cotton and lower bands at the level of the thighs are some of the benefits that this strapless Faja Salome Colombiana brings ideal to give a thin figure to your body eliminating those lateral chubby wearing molded buttocks, of the 5 that we will talk about, this one adjusts more if you are looking for an enhancement in the bum.

You will also find in its design an ultra flat frontal closure so that it does not show under your clothes, looking sexy and casual all day since it is important that your body looks with good curves but that the girdle does not go unnoticed. On the other hand, another of the Salome girdles that meet the need to lift your buttocks is the Fajas Salome 0216 shapewear short style fully recommended

Totally invisible under your clothes since its fabric is ultra flat and convenient when it comes to wearing a garment adjusted to the body, this makes it the thinnest but at the same time providing a good fit.


  1. Fajas Salome 0313 Waist Cincher Vest Style Waist Trimmer

Waist Cincher Reduce Inches

Fajas Salome 0313 Waist Cincher


We came to a cincher which will provide something that all women seek “Lose Weight”, WHY? has a high level of compression in the abdominal area as well as being a Plus Size shaper for all body types helping a better posture thanks to the high coverage in the back area.

Some women think that the Bodyshapers are only for the overweight woman but this is totally false since the girdles shape your waist and some help your posture generating an improvement to your health as well as many have a bum lift. Actually, the Fajas are for women who always want to show off a beautiful body getting a better appearance.

Its design with adjustment rods makes it of the 5 shapers which have greater compression, this is the Waist Cincher for all occasions, you can use it after a labor process, after a surgery, or it also adapts perfectly as a bridal shapewear to its perfect waist modeling.

If you want to reduce your measurements in a short time and have a thin waist this is the most recommended within this top 5.


  1. Fajas Salome 0419 Postpartum C-Section Bodyshaper

Fajas Salome Panty style abdominal compression

Fajas Salome 0419 Post Partum


After seeing several Colombian body shaper for wa oman we come to one in which you benefit after a surgical intervention such as liposuction among others helping to shape your figure and recover quickly without leaving marks on the skin due to its ultra-soft fabric.

It is a very useful garment improving the experience of going to the bathroom, it has a brooch on the lower part so as not to take off the girdle, this makes it very useful and practical. The straps are thick and adjustable, this benefits many women because it holds the garment well so that it does not roll up or get out of shape allowing you to be comfortable all day.

Not only should you look for a Colombian bodyshapers for the beauty and sexy that you can see if not the benefits it brings and which are the ones that fit what you are looking for since many of these girdles have measures reduction, remove extra weight, lift the Buttocks, adjust the waist or improve posture but many specialize in a single benefit and that’s where you should make your purchase!

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