“The 5 Best Fajas Colombianas MyD tummy control helping you choose your garment very well”

First of all when buying a Body Shaper you must take into account several factors; Reductive girdle, with abdomen control, for postpartum use, post surgery or an invisible Body Shaper under your clothes.

“The important thing is that you want to show off a sexy and renewed figure, no matter if you’re skinny, thick or oversized, because these belts are designed for all types of body”


     1.Fajas Colombianas MyD 0066 Strapless Body Shaper Short Style

Fajas Colombianas MyD for Dile Use

Faja MyD for Dile Use


Colombian Body Shaper MyD without straps perfect for daily use, giving your body an excellent abdominal compression enhancing your attributes with a much sexier figure.

This Faja MyD is perfect to enhance your buttocks so keep your abdomen flat showing a neckline at the top, if this is what you are looking for, even more this girdle meets 100% with these requirements.

Its design in short allows you a better compression in the area of ​​the hips and the upper area of ​​the leg enhancing your buttocks thanks to its fabric made of Powernet, always feeling comfortable.


2. Fajas Colombianas MyD 0065 High Back Coverage Short Body Shaper Style

Fajas Colombianas MyD high coverage

Faja MyD high coverage


High coverage in the area of ​​the back, Butt lifter and two levels of compression in the abdominal area, make this Body Shaper an excellent option if you want a body with curves.

If you have lateral chubby or are afraid to wear tight clothes because you are marked with cellulite, this garment is for you, designed in Powernet of the highest quality of MyD Colombian Shapewear.

This beautiful and useful girdle also offers you to mold your hips and provide compression for a Post Surgical process controlling the abdomen and waist.


3. Fajas Colombianas MyD 0068 Postpartum Body Shaper Short Style

Fajas Colombianas MyD Ideal for Post Partum

Faja MyD Ideal for Post Partum

This high compression shapewear is perfect to reduce your measurements after giving birth to your baby, excellent postpartum girdle, your fabric designed in Powernet, fully breathable and smooth with your skin, helps a quick recovery of your figure.

Also its design sexy lace short style, has special fabric in the part of the butt enhancing the buttocks naturally looking more beautiful, also has lower closure improving the use of the bathroom.

It fits perfectly to your needs without any discomfort is the perfect choice.


4. Fajas Colombianas MyD 0075 Full Body Shaper Long leg Capri Shaper

Faja MyD Ideal for Post Surgery

Faja MyD Ideal for Post Surgery

Are you looking for a Body Shaper for a surgical recovery? This Colombian girdle provides excellent compression and allows your skin to breathe thanks to its Powernet fabric, it is one of the best post-surgical girdles on the market.

Definitely one of the best compression garments to cover all your needs, curves your body with this Reduction and molding girdle and with the greatest possible comfort in compression products.

Fajas Colombianas MyD It is 100% made in Colombia, so has two levels of adjustment for reduction of your measurements, high coverage in the back to eliminate the lateral extra weight.

5. Fajas Colombianas MyD 0366 Body Shaper Strapless with no Zipper

Faja MyD with Tummy Control

Faja MyD with Tummy Control

Finally, the perfect for daily use thanks to its comfortable fabric and its medium setting, it has a high covering under the bust, this is good considering that you can use any bra without affecting your bust. Invisible under your clothes with ultra flat seams, without a doubt a very good girdle with excellent quality.

So if you are looking for a comfortable and invisible abdominal compression Body Shaper under your clothes, this is an excellent option to buy the MyD brand. Good Luck!

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